saekert consulting

creating added value in a network society with responsible communication


citizen communication

In an ever more complex competition over attention, I consult public institutions in using the right approach when communicating with people in their role as citizens, aiming at increasing engagement and interest in political subjects.

disinformation monitoring

Truth is not a constant factor of our society anymore? Have we entered a post-truth era? Disinformation and Fakenews have paved their way into the public sphere, leaving their mark and therefore rarely any organisation can afford to neglect that. For my clients I develop suited concepts and support them with monitoring and flagging alarming content.

interest and article-based targeted advertising

In cooperation with spoods GmbH my clients have the opportunity to reach target groups when their interest is at the highest peak. A match-making algorithm places messages directly in context-related online articles. Targeting which is not in need of cookies or exploiting user data.

media production

When running their campaigns, my clients benefit from a network of trusted media producers and designers for the production of interviews, podcasts, staff portraits or promotion and image videos, as well as graphics, fitting to the intended use.

digital media suitcase

The digital media suitcase project enhances cross-generational dialogue using impulse films in order to educate on contemporary history. Landmark events of the last 100 years are being illustrated from varying national media perspectives. In cooperation with different public actors, the implementation of the international dimension is planned and currently in progress. 

social media strategy / community management​

Finding your way through the jungle of opportunities when working on conveying your message and building and maintaining your brand is a challenge. I support my clients with creating the right strategy when targeting their audiences and forming relationships with their communities.


My passion for communications led me to studying information and knowledge management. This gave me the opportunity to build an expertise in the area of digital and analogue information flows between people and organisations. As a part of “generation y” and with the so-called social media emerging I was witness to a significant transformation of how people communicate, and the new challenges linked to that, which we are all facing in different ways on a day-to-day basis.

On different assignments with clients in Vienna, Brussels and Berlin I developed my path as a communications consultant. For about a decade now I am advising public institutions and other organisations, as well as companies with a societal aspiration, in reaching out to a variety of audiences, with the goal of strengthening the relationship between my clients and their target groups.

While the role of classic gatekeepers on the stage of the rising “attention economy” is in decline, organisations have the duty to take on more responsibility. With my work I support my clients in that duty. Creating added value for my customers as well as for those we are targeting is my imperative. Through responsible communication the societal impact is incorporated into my clients' success strategy.

As a society we have developed from collectivity to connectivity. For the latter not to abolish the former is the overarching goal of my work.


In no time the internet fundamentally enhanced the way we communicate. Profiting from the advantages of our network society and not to fall victim to its risks is key.

At Saekert Consulting audiences are not exclusively addressed as consumers but are taken serious in their role as citizens, active within communities. 

The creation of content and the selection of channels need to follow the communication goals and not the other way around. Responsible communication leads to more trust, opens new horizons and increases engagement.

In the age of digitality much is possible but not all of it necessary. To separate one from the other is our task.